Covid-19 Guidelines

In order to protect our customers and staff we ask that you follow our guidelines that will be enforced daily.  Health and safety come first so please do your part by helping us follow these rules otherwise you may be asked to leave.

-No reservations are taken, first come first serve.  All persons in party will be sat at a table once everyone has arrived.  If you are waiting please stay in your car as we do not have a waiting area.

-EVERYONE must WEAR a mask when not seated.  We will remind you if you forget, but if you continue not to comply you will be asked to leave.

-No one will be served at the bar unless you are seated at a designated spot.  No standing or mingling around the bar or at tables, you will be asked to take a seat or asked to leave if you do not comply.

– When bands are here there will be no dance floor and no dancing permitted.  We must comply with 6 feet social distancing! Please stay at your seat.

-All of our tables are 6 feet apart and need to stay that way so please do not move them or ask for them to be moved.

-Please use correct entrances and exits as labeled.

-Please be respectful and if your party Is no longer drinking/eating, please do not holdup the tables there are others waiting!!

– if playing pool please wear masks at all times, and social distance, no hanging around and watching others play.  Sticks and billiards balls will be cleaned after each use.

Thank you for helping us during these times!